If you ask any fresher “what is the biggest challenge in front of you right now?” The answer will definitely be to “find the right job”. Searching for the right job is always difficult for most especially fresh graduates. Teen age is a difficult time for you to decide which career path suits you and you may not know how to apply for the fresher-jobsright job. Today the economy is such that the job market shrinking everyday and the fresh graduates need to have something extra to stand out from the crowd. The entire job search process may become long if you fail to device the right strategy.

With some experience under my belt in terms of job search, let me share with you some useful tips.

Honestly just having educational qualifications is not enough in today’s market. To increase your chances of landing the dream job, you need to have special skills and dedication. These skills are needed to complete the tasks and perform what is required of you. If you apply to an accounting firm and you have a degree in Commerce, you would be doing the job of an accountant. You would need to perform your duties with excellent skill and dedication.

Before selecting any job you should find out more detailed information about the career you are interested in. In order to get the most information you must talk to people who already have experience in that particular field. When interacting with that person you would want to list down the key skills and techniques required for the job. After that analyze yourself against the notes made by you? If you think that you have atleast 70% of the things needed come up with different ways or do some professional courses should help you to close the gap. Some specialized training will be helpful before you start a job and compete in the market.

Now comes that remuneration part, in a competitive world you should be flexible with your expected salary. As a fresher you should be willing to accept low wages since you have no experience and others are out there who have more that you. If you think you can survive with the salary offered than in all probability you should go for that job. You may be very interested in a certain job offered by a big company but if you fail to get good pay you can't survive in the long-term. So what do you do in that situation , should you look for another job or do that do you are offered along with may be something on the side. This is for you to decide.

Building a mobile app is a very difficult and laborious task. A huge amount of time and effort is involved in the entire process of development, but most people tend to neglect creating an effective marketing strategy as they are pre-occupied with development.

Today in the app stores available in smartphones, there exists the 'problem of abundance'. An explosion of mobile apps in various app stores means success is not guaranteed even if your newly developed app has a host of features. Recently market researchers have noticed a high failure rate of various nicely developed apps at the app stores. The reality is, no matter how awesome your app looks or works, a comprehensive marketing strategy is what it needs.
It is absolutely necessary to create a proper marketing plan before the launch as all nobody is going to download an app that is not trending or does not have any hype around it.

Below we have listed some strategies for App marketing:

1. Creating a buzz before Launch: It is necessary before the launch of the app, to put in place promotional content. Contact should be made with various sources for reviews, opinions , blogger posts and news releases, etc. Selecting the proper portals and sources can ensure that the promotion is reaching the right audience. Things can be enhanced by making a presence through social media. Creating a testing group will also help.

2. Optimizing keywords and description: While submitting to various app stores keywords in its title and description is important so that prospective user. App optimization during the development process should be an essential step.

3. Creating a unique feature: In order to make a large user base, it is essential to release unique features that will create a buss among users.

4. Standing out - With a huge number of apps in the same market segment you are in, it is importantly to make your presence felt. The will always want to know that how your app makes their task easier. It is advisable to create a landing page and an email subscription option for the app. The primary idea is to make people aware and to drive traffic to the page. Apart from this email marketing, banner advertising, and viral marketing can help promote apps across various channels.

  1. Utilize users in your promotion: It I important to keep a sharing features in your app, users can use the shareable features of the app to spread awareness among their friends and family. Pages can also be created on various social media platforms for targeted users who can be engaged and re-engaged through content, value description, offers, and feature capabilities.


  1. User Retention: Retaining a large numbers of existing users is absolutely essential for the growth of the app in the long term. Push notifications can help a great deal in this respect. A solid user experience is essential to engage and retain customers.


  1. Buying installs and reviews: Positive reviews and a substantial number of downloads increases app credibility as people download apps with higher positive recommendations. It might be difficult for a new app to get a substantial number of reviews or downloads but one can buy app installs and reviews. There are many websites that offer this kind of services , recently I used www.caag.net and its really good.